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Recording artists and session players from Los Angeles to New York play Collins Rhythmcraft instruments.

Being a musician myself means I will only produce instruments that are of the best craftsmanship and sound. I work with musicians to custom make instruments to fit their particular needs.

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Recording Artists

Luis Perez Ixoneztli was born in Mexico City on July 11, 1951. Perez has dedicated his life to the study of pre-Columbian musical instruments and the research of the living musical traditions among the ethnic groups of Mexico. Luis Perez has a collection of over 700 native instruments from Mexico including replicas and archaeological artifacts, some dating more than 2,000 years old. Ixoneztli composes his music by combining pre-Columbian musical instruments with the realm of electronics.

Since 1982 Luis Perez has lectured yearly on Mesoamerican musical artifacts for the UCLA Department of Musicology. He has taught, through extensive workshops, the philosophy behind pre-Columbian instruments and the construction of native instruments from Mexico. Perez moved to the US in 1987 to pursue his quest for making sound move you both forward and back, to the past and future by blending indigenous instrumentation with electronic music.

He has toured all over the Americas and has collaborated with artists such as:

Jackson Browne
Andreas Vollenweider
James Horner
Edd Mann
Ian Underwood
Jon Anderson (lead singer of "Yes")
Hans Zimmer

At present time, Ixoneztli is working at Milagro Productions, his own recording studio. He is composing music for dance, theater and film. Check out his North American debut album "Tales of Astral Travelers". His recordings can be purchased through

His web site is located at:

Collins Rhythmcraft

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