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Exotic Shakers

Our shakers look and sound different. These shakers combine the excitement of rhythm with the joy of sculpture. They are characterized by warm woody tones and expressive forms that are capable of complex rhythms. We have set out to take the simple concept of a shaker and transform it into a work of art. Whether you are a practiced musician or a beginner, our exotic shakers are a great addition to any musical session.


The Waxixi (wa-she-she) is a hand held shaker crafted from various beautiful hardwoods like Walnut, Mahogany and Maple on a wood turning lathe. Each Waxixi has a distinct tone because each wood has a different density and the enclosure size and amount of lead shot inside each varies.

To Play

Shake the buckshot from cap to cap or from side to side. For a dramatic tone difference mute the shaker by opening and closing your hand as you play. Try a swirling motion for a water-like effect. For a crisp tone we use lead buckshot inside and two types of French wax are applied to protect and beautify these instruments. As a result, we don't recommend these shakers for children under 3 years old.

Wa Wa Shaker

Like a small wooden cup with a shaker concealed in its base. This is a shaker we invented in our shop. It is played by shaking it back and forth while opening and closing your hand over the cup's top. You should
get a wa wa sound almost like the Wammy Bar on a Stratocaster guitar. It is similar in tone as singing "ooooo-aaaah".

The Bow Tie Shaker

The bow tie shaped shakers are one example of what we call Sculptural Shakers. Each of these shakers is hand carved and sanded to fit comfortably in your hand. "I was inspired to make them by the two sided drum stick used to play the Irish Bohdrahn." This shaker has nice balance and many tone variations. It can produce a triple beat inherent to its shape that is like no other rhythm instrument. Like the Waxixi it is often used in professional recordings. The body of this shaker is Mahogany with Flame Maple caps on one end and Purple Heart caps on the other. A burned logo of a dancing man on each is our signature of hand built quality.

click for more detail Jack and X Shakers

Standing, laying, playing music, Jack shakers are functional sculpture. Because they have four shaker chambers you will get a lot of sound out of them. They make great conversation pieces that are surprising when picked up.

Single Handled Shakers

click for more detail From small to large we make a great variety of handled shakers. Each features exotic woods and great sound. "I make each one of these shakers to fit smoothly into your hand. I do this by cutting and carving each handle until it feels right in my hand. Then each is final sanded till it is soft as can be."


Hand Shaker

A sort of sculptural party platter, this shaker-set can be pulled apart to play each unique shaker. The puzzle is magically attracted to slide back together by hidden "rare earth" magnets. These magnets are surprisingly strong and make putting the sculpture back together enjoyable. Each shaker has exotic wood inlays and many are two chambered shakers. The set can lay flat on a table or sit up on its edge.

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Instrument Care

Our shakers are finished with Tung Oil hard wax buffed onto it to add a slight shine and add moisture protection. Simply apply good furniture wax with a soft cloth whenever you wish to bring out extra shine. Do not subject your Shakers to harsh temperatures like leaving it out in the sun or closed in a hot car. If the Shaker is broken, dispose of the shot inside. The buckshot are made from lead and should not be handled by children.

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