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Jungle Calls

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Duck | Monkey | Mosquito | Obnoxious Dog | Parrot | Quail | Seagull
The Jungle Call really gets people laughing and is the best selling item we make.

"Kids and adults are amazed by the many realistic animal sounds this call can produce. I make each call out of imported Asian bamboo."

The reed in the center is a special flexible plastic that stretches when the bamboo is squeezed to raise the pitch. The call comes on a card that has playing instructions that are easy to learn.


"I can usually teach someone to play in a couple of minutes.I would be happy to demonstrate the sounds for you via phone."



The jungle calls also come on a silky cord available with or without beading. These necklaces are good for kids who lose things and teachers who use them to signal instructions to their classes. You really can call back and forth with animals and birds.

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