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"I am committed to creating lasting beauty in the form of melodic percussive instruments."
Matt Collins creates exotic percussion instruments of rare beauty and sound quality. He is passionate about the instruments you will find within these pages, which include Slit Drums, Kalimbas, Jungle Calls, Shakers, Berimbaus, and Didgeridos, with origins from around the world. Each piece is designed and hand crafted by Matt from natural materials such as gourds, bamboo, wood, and metals and infused with his own unique style and vision.

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  • Warner Bros. Commissioned Matt Collins to create 25 sculptures. Matt has taken the Warner Bros. WB logo and crafted it into a wood sculpture that interlocks and pulls apart to become 5 separate rhythm shakers. Matt delivers them to a very impressed Warner Bros. staff. The sculptures will be sent to television companies around the world that purchase Warner Bros. television shows.

  • Composer Mark Mancina used Collins Slit drums on Disney’s Tarzan movie. Congratulations to Mark and Phil Collins for a Grammy win for the movie's soundtrack!

  • Mark Mancina used Collins instruments on Denzel Washington’s movie Training Day.

  • Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey have Collins instruments on their albums. Percussionist Bashiri Johnson uses Collins instruments on tour with Houston and Carey and on their albums.

  • Internationally known Quail Botanical Gardens in Southern California commissions Matt Collins to build a one of a kind instrument for their new children's gardens. Matt creates an instrument that sounds like rain. It is made of a gourd that can be turned to drop shells through a maze of wood pegs. Its inner workings are viewed by the kids through a built in window.

  • Matt Collins creates one of a kind Chinese character sign for a bamboo garden. Sign is made of Maple and Purple heart wood and reads: "Wind Through Bamboo”

  • Matt will be at the prestigious wholesale craft show Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft February 13-16 of 2004.

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